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Web Applications

A web application is any application that uses a web browser as a client. The application can be as simple as a message board or a guest sign-in book on a website, or as complex as a word processor or a spreadsheet.
In our experience, we have often found that certain application requirements are consistent across the board for most projects. This allows us to create pre-built applications that save development time and budget expenses.

Content Management Systems:-

Using the latest technologies, we can develop custom content management systems and databases that allow web editors to easily manage and update site content. The applications, or modules, managed by the content management systems can include calendar and event postings, in addition to unique membership login and member based content.

Web Site Template Programs: -

By creating a web site template application product, we have allowed organizations and businesses to provide cost-effective, consistent web site solutions to their membership base, associations or franchises. These fully customizable solutions can be set up as standalone web sites or tailored to have a built-in universal content management solution that manages content across several web sites.

eCommerce Solutions: -

Interested in selling your products online? A pre-built or custom eCommerce application will enable you to manage, organize and sell your products and services online safely and securely. We offer competitively priced SSL certificates and can customize a payment gateway solution to fit your business. Our eCommerce solutions will help you:

(1). Increase conversion through improved user experience
(2). Handle and process transactions in one location
(3). Manage inventory and pricing

Social Networking:-

We build Business Social Network Sites and Platforms, life way tech India offers a bespoke, powerful and professional social networking platform with many advantages suitable for businesses and other organizations of all sizes, globally.

Interactive games designing:-

At Life Way Tech, we developed and produce high quality gaming solutions. We assist in the creation of game design and artwork for games that can be designed and built for a variety of platforms including the iPhone, Android and computer operating systems such as Macs and PCs.

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